How To Replace a lost Key Pair with new one on an EC2 instance

Access to Amazon EC2 instances specially the Linux instances are always protected by a private key pair. Private key is only the way to get access to the instance, what if you lost the key? Is your servers lost in black hole? Thankfully nothing is lost you still can access your server, let me show you how can you solve this problem.


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How To Setup FTP Server On Amazon EC2/Ubuntu Using Pure-FTPd

In past I tried to setup FTP on Amazon EC2 I personally face some problem in FTP server installation. I found the documentation is very fragmented and definitely lacking some information.


So here is my contribution:

To setup FTP account on amazon EC2 we will use Pure-FTPd a free FTP server. It can be compiled and run on a variety of Unix-like computer operating systems including Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD, Solaris, Tru64, Darwin, Irix and HP-UX. It has also been ported to Android.

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Hello World !


Uffff !!! So finally I managed to start my own blog. I will add random bits about OpenERP, ruby, rails ,open source geek stuff and also personal thoughts. You can learn more about me and this blog in the about section of this website.

The blog is powered by WordPress, it’s using the sorbet theme for the moment and it’s currently hosted at . I will add custom domain when the time comes.

So stay tuned to Explore an unexplored horizon of Open Source with Me.